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Victoria Tsarkova: No Politics Just A Joke

Death by Party | Victoria Tsarkova: No Politics Just A Joke

Victoria Tsarkova really doesn’t want you to take her new collection seriously (unless you have a lot of money to shell out for her work). And who wouldn’t want to bid thousands of dollars for a Vladimir Putin-Hunter S. Thompson hybrid original? I could see the Queen Mum-Gene Simmons original hanging over the toilet in my poolhouse bathroom.

The color she uses in these works may be subtle however the flamboyant subject matter adds its own sense of color. If artists still did their works on walls of caves these days I’m pretty sure this is the type of stuff scientists would excavate thousands of years from now. And why not, they say something about the world we live in loud and clear; we shouldn’t take the faces of our culture so seriously.

By Lou Cervantes

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