Foot Spray

Vans "Year of the Snake" Old School sneaks

Death by Party | Vans “Year of the Snake” Old School Sneaks

2013 is not only a good time to stop being a ‘sock man’ in the bedroom, it’s also the ‘Year of the Snake.’ And what better way to honor snakes than the colorful array of Year of the Snake shoes offered by Vans.  I’ve always felt Vans was the kind of shoe you could get away with wearing without socks, so what better shoe would there be to replace socks in the bedroom.  Not only will you no longer have to worry about toe fungus or that nasty hangnail ripping holes in your socks, but you could look the part and be all Jake Roberts as you get ready to DDT that ass (or get that ass DDT’d).

Drug addiction and
Chronic pain aren’t included
With these cool sneakers


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