Because The Devil

Death by Party | Uncle Acid Helps Me To Reaffirm That My Approach Just Isn’t Working

Aleister Crowley would be proud of Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats. If it wasn’t for the weird superstition signs and Masonic conspiracy that laid within the music video I would have dismissed their low-fi garage noise as nothing more than good background music to fornicate with girls passed out on tranquilizers in a dark basement. My main question is do the perversions of this band stop with the music video for Ritual Knife or do they start with it. Judging by the warning of the soon to be released Blood Lust at the end, I fear this may only be the beginning.

I don’t know what more these guys could come up with without incriminating themselves. Even if drinking blood isn’t your cup of tea I will say that having intercourse while wearing a mask can still be tantalizing. And who the hell doesn’t want to take a stab at the bridesmaid, or the soon to be married bachelorette, or the girl simply dressed in white because she’s either a.) trying to make a fashion statement or b.) a virgin.

A video like this makes me reconsider what I’ve been trying to do in a quest to wet my own willy. Who knew that just across the pond there would be a whole culture of pale, young, English women into voodoo, ugly dudes with bad teeth, and sodomy. After all, easy sex beats working out and being healthy any day of the week. Just search a picture of good ole Mr. Crowley himself and you’ll see what I mean. I guess Uncle Acid’s right, the purest ones love being hypnotized in obscure Satanic rituals.

This makes me want to
Trade in my clean cut looks for
A used wizard’s hat.


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