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Death by Party | Slinkachu Small Wonders Project

There’s a large middle-aged woman that has lived on my block her whole entire life. Once a day, usually at the same time, you’ll see her walk to the bodega and pick-up a pack of cigarettes, some soda, and some junk food. On Sundays she gets her son to pick her up and take her to Church and than Sav-A-Lot for the week’s groceries. Once a month, it’s Red Lobster for dinner with her sisters; once a year, it’s Atlantic City for the day with friends from Church. And while there’s so much going on around her in this big city, her world is confided to her 900 sq. ft. home and (in the summertime) her front stoop.

Like the large middle aged-woman on my block, the majority of people in this world (if you stop and think) have a similar story. To a certain extent even a wanderer like myself has a somewhat similar story. Though my route covers much bigger ground and more variety, I am usually brought back to the same places day-in and day-out. That is why after taking a look at the Little People project by Slinkachu you really see how his art is not only a microcosm of our lives, but shows how meaningless we are in the grand scheme of things.

If you took a photo of my life and turned it into a Slinkachu Little People exhibit the miniscule me would probably be in a dirty hotel clinging to the edge of a worn bed, hiding from an army of bed bugs and waiting day in and day out for the sheets to be cleaned. My evening would turn into a voyeuristic pursuit of hoping to find my spaceship (an opened condom wrapper) and using it as a means to get to my next destination. After all, my life is nothing more than a series of frequent trips back and forth to desolate hotel rooms. I may as well be left there to fight off creatures of the night. We are all victims of the paths we choose, yet this exhibit makes a fine example of how microscopic the choices we make in most of our lives are in comparison to the size of the world we live in.

By Lou Cervantes

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