Can You See My Feet?

Nike Air Force 1 Downtown  Camouflage

Death by Party | Nike Air Force 1 Downtown Camouflage

Going out in the city is like going into battle for most men, literally and figuratively.  And while not to point light at the more horrific side of warfare like senseless violence and heartbroken mothers, at any given point men are trying to shoot something down. If they’re single it may be taking down any lady with a pulse and a prerogative, if they’re rappers it may be their lyrical opponent, if it’s the graffiti community it could be bombing around someone’s name, if they’re not single it could be conniving to outwit and get ahead at business for the sake of the wife and or children, and if they’re professional MMA fighters it may just be to prove that they could kill anybody with their bare hands.  What better company to capitalize on the concept of Urban Warfare than the Oracle of Oregon, Nike! Especially with this new addition to their Downtown Collection: The Woven and Camouflage sneakers. The only thing missing from this is the fact that they don’t sell it at Payless or the Shoe Outlets I frequent on Saturday mornings after stopping by my favorite Scrapple, Egg, n’ Cheese spot.

By Lou Cervantes

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