Proof Of Metal In Fossil Form

Death by Party | Malignancy: Metal is real, not a myth

Metal’s not dead, but it’s not what it was. While I wasn’t around for the heyday of metal, I see evidence around me. Just turn over some rocks, you’ll find proof of it’s great glory in fossil form, hard ancient rocks stamped with bands like Malignancy.

This evidence leads me to believe that once upon a time metal was more than just music played by carnies during fair rides. I truly believe that once upon a time metal was more than reruns of Metalocalypse and themed cover bands by hipsters.

Over the past decade, I think it’s been a lonely, cold watch for these guardians holding a banner for epic metal. They protect the candle, quietly waiting for the kids to get bored with folk jam bands and auto tune douche-baggery and pick up the damning guitar riffs and guttural roar of metal madness.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to finish watching this video of Malignancy and then put some old episodes of Metalocalypse.

-Kevin Dalton

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