Mahalski’s Bone Gun Sculptures

Death by Party | Mahalski’s Bone Gun Sculptures

Next time you see a dead animal on the side of the road you may want to think twice before driving past it.  Dead animals are valuable commodities in the chain of life.  They may provide warmth, shelter, food for scavengers and (for the desperate humans) an easy meal. Besides, for the environmentalists, they’re biodegradable. Yet for all you know, they may also provide your next kitchen table, or the next miniature kitchen table for the mice infesting your house to feast on. Or in the case of the animal bone artist Mahalski, an additional study towards an art collection that is more unique than any paint or plaster.

If there exists a cross between a Mutter Museum for animals and a hall of sculpture, more likely than not the curator is Mahalski.  Minus the famous traveling bones of the Elephant Man whose bones frequent this museum, or even the desire to observe any other human malformation at the home of the College of Physicians, this artist creates his masterpieces out of the simple dead animals (like the dead bird in your attic) he finds that may be easily overlooked by the ordinary human eye. If you know any gun enthusiasts, I can assure you that each piece from Mahalski’s bird-bone gun collection would give any antique a run for its money. He doesn’t even fail to leave out the modern era. His glock would make Biggie blush in his grave. It should be buried with him, or 2 Pac for that matter (if he’s really dead).

The wonderful installations that this artist puts together (the son of two scientists) are truly what he calls: “a celebration of life.”  The irony behind this particular collection is that it is the bones of birds being shaped as something commonly used to end lives, guns. Anyone who has been fortunate enough to wander through the halls of the Mutter Museum in Philly will most certainly tip their hat to the creations of this interesting artist. And anybody who hasn’t should at least kick themselves in the back of the head after witnessing what he’s done with his collection of what may be the bones of an animal you’ve seen lying at the side of your local rural road.

By Lou Cervantes

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