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Death by Party | Lazer Sword’s Gucci Sweatshirt

My evening uniforms switch with the seasons. Like most guys I know, I hardly ever change much. I even wear the same slacks and button-down to work every day. I do change subtle things.  I change my socks and underwear.  Less frequently I change my t-shirts. And every couple of weeks I’ll get my clothes dry-cleaned and wear something a little different for a day or two.  That’s when a lot of people that know of me but don’t know me really do a double take to see if I am who I really am.

If you don’t know somebody who wears the same thing all the time personally, your first inclination anytime you see one may be to think that they have no other clothes.  And while that may be unfortunate in some cases, it’s not true in most. In fact, most of my friends as well as myself have a closet full of clothes we hardly ever wear.  Collected through time and brought out for special family events or professional comeuppances (and even during these events it’s still questionable).

Lazer Sword’s ‘Gucci Sweatshirt’ gives this phenomenon of men wearing the same things all the time the proper representation. The song is cut into two parts and it even feels like the first portion is getting ready for the night (like they show on the video) and the second portion is being out on the town (also in the video). A staple of my winter wardrobe is a red sweater I bought at Macy’s. When Lazer Sword drops the beat it sounds like a celebration of that go-to nightshirt or night sweater (or in Lazer Sword’s case, article of clothing used to wrap your drum machine in). Whether it’s your night uniform or what accompanies you to your latest gig; ‘Gucci Sweatshirt’ honors every guy’s most hallowed piece of evening clothing.

By Lou Cervantes

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