At least The Working Class Ride Limos

Kid Zoom's Shelter Project

Death by Party | Kid Zoom’s Shelter Project: Misery Married To Company

Bus stops are places of desolation and degradation. In these times of options, who the hell rides buses? Out of shape people who hate to walk, or low price crack whores, men with weird tumors on their neck,  poor people, or even worse, the elderly poor. All in general, people, who deep down inside, wish they were dead or who wish, deeper down, that they weren’t so close to death.

Some may think I’m bashing the working class, but I’m not. At least they’re taking cabs, or if they’re lucky limos. And if they’re luckier at least they can have a girl with a real Louis Vouitton hand bag give them blow jobs through their tailored zippers in their tailored suits in their limos. Or at the very least, if you’re a woman, be fortunate enough to own the latest Louis Vouitton handbag.

Fortunately for all you bus-riders; Kid Zoom’s ‘Shelter’ campaign is there to remind you how much it sucks to sit at these stops; the skulls, the McDonald’s references, and the foreshadowed suicide watches (especially in these dire times). Yet he does it with pinache. Your ordinary artist can’t construct a skull with that precision using an aerosol can. And anybody that’s debating me, check his previous artistic studies. This bus-stop collection makes settling down one last time with a bloody needle in the arm (or being an overweight, unemployed, piece of creep) seem rewarding.

If you have to wait
For a bus at least you can
Feel chic doin it


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