Look The Tour Dates Up Yourself, Pussies

Death by Party | Joey Bada$$, 4-20 And My Best Excuse

So I was trying to make sense out of James’ Flatbush Zombie post. I failed. Perhaps because I myself was completely jacked up on Bath Salts at the time of my attempted reading.

Anyways, this gave me a big fat boner to check out the Flatbush Zombies live, since they are from New York, I figured something should be going down. Seems they are going on tour starting next month with Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era. This gives me another big fat fucking boner.

The downside, they won’t be back in town until April. The upside, they’ll be at the Gramercy Theatre on 4-20. You know that wasn’t a coincidence. Now I have an excuse to act like a fucking stupid stoner and fade my brain into another planet. Not like I needed the excuse.**

I would be all helpful and list the tour dates and blah blah blah, but guess what? Not my job. So look it up yourself.

-Kevin Dalton

**MGW does not endorse the use of illegal substances

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