Say No To Legal Drugs

Death by Party | Flatbush Zombies:  good taste, tastes good

I dig this Flatbush Zombies jawn.

But I gotta say… fucking bath salts. The blame and hysteria over “zombie attacks” have been widely discredited, but being a creature of the “interwebs” I don’t really care about facts. That doubly go’s for bath salts, mainly  because the shitty head shop club drug sucks my dick. (don’t do drugs kids) I’ve done bath salts and all they did was make me feel gross and tweaked like I had snorted shitty biker crank.** (don’t do drugs kids)

And what’s the big deal?  Everyone’s engaged in cannibalism at some time in their life. Shit, I once bit a hobo’s ear off while I was blacked out on 4loco, but that’s another post, about another legal menace, for another time. (Don’t do drugs kids)

Seriously, there is something so pussy about buying over the counter herbal drugs. If your mother isn’t going to cry when she finds it in your room, If you can’t get busted or do time over it, if you aren’t willing to suck a cock to get your hands on it, if you aren’t willing to stuff someone into an empty oil drum and light them on fire when you catch them stealing it from you, then is it really even worth your time doing? (don’t do drugs kids)

So what I guess I’m really saying is, don’t do bath salts, and certainly don’t turn into a zombie and eat homeless people.  Instead, I say kick back, drink a .40, smoke a blunt,  listen to some Flatbush Zombies, take some bath salts and then turn into a zombie and eat homeless people.

-James Jarvis

**Death by Party does not endorse or condone the use of illegal drugs

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  1. allicsirp says:

    They are seriously faded. Bath salts are fucking for stupid chicken shit that don’t want to do the real shit. MONEY GUNS WEED!

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