So, Which Lady Is Today’s Flavor Of The Month?

Death by Party | Dumbfoundead Needs A New Chick

Asian dudes don’t need to rap about having big dicks or firing guns.  They’re naturally smarter than the rest of us and thus will one day make more money than your cracker ass.  However, you can’t deny, how despite the fact that they can Shanghai each and every one of our 3-digit bank accounts at the drop on a wonton using their genetic computer smarts; most of these dudes stay mad humble and prefer to rap about the lighter side of life like smoking weed and hitting on girls.

You have to appreciate how dumbfoundead isn’t afraid to go United Nation on his selection of poon in his latest video.  This guy’s got the Yings to his Yang running wild shot-by-shot.  He even seems to vary on his Asian ones; if my Asian girl radar serves me right, we see delicious offerings from all around the Far East whether it be Japanese, Korean, or Vietnamese.  Dude definitely doesn’t limit himself to just the buffet.  Whether the girl be black, brown, white, Asian, or tranny it don’t matter cause he knows she got ‘the best dome.’

By Lou Cervantes

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