Stop Undressing Me, You Dirty Old Man

The Death Of Youth

Death by Party | The Death Of Youth Photo Project

I’ve been stumbling over photos of The Death Of Youth photo project for a few months now on Tumblr. The photographer is anonymous but talented. The work is erotic but not sleazy. Who ever this is, is good, really good. Any Death of Youth’s lo-fi, intimate picture sets could be placed next to the best erotic masters out there.

Less in your face than Terry Richardson, less fixated than Richard Kern, these are emotional, dreamlike memories instead of run of the mill smut.

But of course that is the whole point. The concept behind Death of Youth is that when a man turns 30, his ability to realize his fantasies and live out his dreams ends. These photos are trying to capture that moment when a man stops looking forward and starts looking back. Some in their thirties would disagree, I wouldn’t know yet, but it’s enough to give me pause.

Some how writing about Death of Youth on Valentines day seemed all the more apropos. This is the holiday of false sentiment and romantic disappointment, isn’t it?

-James Jarvis

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