Complete Your Canadian Tuxedo

Converse Jack Purcell "Chambray"
Death by Party | Converse Jack Purcell “Chambray”Converse 

I love my denim jeans and my denim jacket. However, over the past year my Canadian Tuxedo has only been exclusively reserved for cutting 2×4’s on a table saw, driving my pick-up through deep rural snow, tailgating for college hockey games, masturbating with rabbit feces, and playing in my Gordon Lightfoot cover band. Good ole’ life on the back roads with my denim jeans and my denim jacket. Unfortunately the worn mud boats I wear with my Tuxedo takes away from the essence of the actual outfit. Now, thanks to the Converse Jack Parcell “Chambrey,” I can wear my Canadian Tuxedo virtually anywhere whether it be hip dance clubs, Saturday afternoon walks through the mall, bukkake, dinner dates at foodie hotspots, Christenings, or any other various metropolitan networking events.

The Canadian
Tuxedo has found the shoes
That give it street cred.

-Lou Bopps

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