I Left My Monster In The Toilet

Christopher Kane Classic Monsters Clothing Line

Death by Party | Christopher Kane Classic Monsters Clothing Line

The worst part about being a fat guy isn’t that you have to work a thousand times harder to have anything go your way, it’s male fashion, specifically when the new Men’s Fashion Collections get launched.  The Christopher Kane Fall 2013 Collection bears no exception to this.  This Classic Monster Collection could get Vampirella up from the dead to try to get her picture next to me as I hit the clubs, or a young Elvira look-a-like in her prime jones’ing for some conversation, or the blonde from the Original Munsters trying to step up to the plate.  Now all I need to do is hit the treadmill, get hooked on uppers, stop eating, and start smoking or I’ll have to wait till 2015 before they ha

ve these threads in my size.

I can’t wait for that
Day when Chris Kane knock-offs get
Fat Guy store treatment


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