Stuck Inside A Weintruab Painting

Caleb Weintraub

Caleb Weintraub– (with the Horrid Blues again)

Beautiful creeps. Sounds like it should be the name of my next album. Especially if I ever decide to pick up an instrument and find something better to do than pace around, smoke cigarettes, and be an obnoxious masturbator. But the term is a good fit for the children Calvin Weintraub paints.

There is something to be said for these innocently sinister faces he projects. What we perceive as cute, (meaning innocent children) he paints as downright evil. Like the children in The Omen or The Exorcist, his art may catch people off-guard with a similar ambivalence. Young kids being evil? Or being adults? We get so caught-up with innocence in this world that it becomes shocking when it’s a little masked Asian girl in panties hoisting an AK-47. But then again, we shake our heads when it’s a grown-ass man.

These paintings are a pedophile’s worst nightmare. Unfortunately, they’re probably also your parent’s.  Maybe even your drug dealer’s. But for a purveyor of masterpieces like myself, they belong in any present day art appreciation collection. Sign me up for the Calvin Westraub Experience theme ride, which hopefully will come to a viewing near your town.

By Lou Cervantes

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