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Black Milk Clothing Campbells Soup Leggings

Death by Party | Black Milk Clothing Campbells Soup Leggings

I’ve always wanted to go to Pittsburg.  I imagine this element of grittiness existing there that’s been stripped from most other cities- like New York when there were still peepshows in Times Square and and before the flop houses were transformed into boutique hotels.  Plus now they have this tremendous burgeoning drag scene so it almost feels like the new Motherland….  ALMOST.  Anyway, most importantly, it is the birthplace of one of the most iconic artists of our time, and just when you thought it was passe to wear Andi Warhol, someone makes it cool again.  Of course you could go to NYC to see his work, or you could make the pilgrimage to Pittsburg- but just in case you can’t get the time off work, you can take advantage of these little numbers.  Just wrap that art around your ass and call it a day.

C.U. Next Tuesday
-Helen Harper

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