Is That Puke On Your Jacket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

Bertozzi & Casoni Sculpture: Italians Waste It Better

Death by Party | Bertozzi & Casoni Sculpture: Italians Waste It Better

I party therefore I waste. I could easily fill that out-of-ground swimming pool that sits abandoned in your hillbilly uncle’s muddy lawn with my own personal beer cans every season.  And that’s not even the tip of the artificial grass rug that leads from his broken screen patio door once we start talking about all the tissue boxes, whiskey jars, and empty packs of late night snacks that lie littered in the wake of my presence. More often than not I hear the expression: “you ought to be ashamed of yourself” uttered by society’s elite with their “jobs” and their “clean cloths” during rush hour as I dry heaving in the empty lot next to my house (if I’m lucky to make it home). To be honest, if not for the vicious headaches and the cottonmouth that ail me most mornings, my logical response should be: “what shame is it in having fun?” If there is a collection of ceramic art that would best describe the footprint my gluttony leaves on the world, it is most certainly hidden in the installations created by Italian artists Bertozzi and Casoni.

Wasting everything around you is an artform unto itself. Who hasn’t severed a deer and threw its head in the sink to kick the party up a notch? Besides, it’s a lot harder than you think to create a stack of filthy dishes. And they also know that Marlin that you should have thrown back took two hours of your fishing mate’s precious life away while you sat back stoned and drank all the beers in the cooler. For that incident, this impaled head’s for you.

Despite all the skepticism displayed by most of this installation, the gorilla and the female deer sitting on a used mattress actually made me shed a tear. Not because I’m an Indian, or moved by the little innocent birds on the edge, but the fact that most mattresses I sleep on are used and I don’t take them for granted. With all the things that get destroyed in my drunken path, not even the lowest of society’s low like to see a mattress go to waste.

By Lou Cervantes

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