Chicks Dig Them

Beavis and Butthead Beach Cruiser Skate Decks by Globe

Death by Party | Beavis And Butthead Beach Cruiser Skate Decks By Globe

One of my childhood friends had real bad ADHD, maybe even borderline Asperger’s…I’m not a doctor even though I play one on dating websites.  Anyway this friend really drove me crazy as we grew into our teenage years; every time we went out he’d imitate Beavis, from Beavis and Butthead and kill any game I wish I had.  Double that up with his love for lighting everything on fire, his penchant for bad music, his Spencer’s wardrobe, and moronic hand gestures and you can see how I turned out the way I am.  He even looked like Beavis.  Everything was tolerable until we hit college; the hit tv show vanished, the movie tanked, and the creator went on to King of the Hill fame.  Thank God the guy moved-away, though my failures would have one less imbecile to blame. Fast forward fifteen years later, and I’m walking my five year old nephew to the local skate shop to introduce him to a hobby his parent’s will probably ultimately be upset at me for introducing him too.  And as we walk into the store he points his hand and says look Uncle Louie, it’s you.  And as I look up, lo and behold, my eyes fix themselves on a Butthead skateboard. I must say, while not a big fan of the show, the boards are meant to be olly’d-on. Then it all hits me. At least these boards look tight!

Ugh, yeah, I said tight, huh…huh…huh…huh.

By Lou Cervantes

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