Better Than A Fat Chick At A Shitty Dance Party

10-Doh! Warning Asian! Gold Video Game Vinyl FigureDeath by Party | 10-Doh! Warning Asian! Gold Video Game Vinyl Figure

10-Doh!’s Warning Asian Gold old school video game cartridge figures were set at a limited edition of 100. When they first came out I spent about an hour wringing my hands and contemplated buying them. I remember that day well. That $50 was hard earned and I had about 50 other things I could have spent my pathetic discretionary income for the week. Right as I went to click buy, my roommate came in and begged me to lend him the money so he could take a fat chick with a lisp to some shitty dance party. My room mate loves fat chicks and really loves shitty dance parties. I did it and then forgot all about the 10-doh! masterpiece.

I assumed they would sell out in a week, but it looks like they are still floating around web stores. Guess there are just a lot of shitty dance parties going on this year.

-Kevin Dalton

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