Long Live Cool Disco Dan

Death by Party | Cool Disco Dan Documentary: What’s In A Name?

Whether you agree or disagree, whoring a name is the root of any profession. Some names just stick out ’nuff said’ like future NFL prospect Markevious Bingo or naming your child Jesus in an English speaking country. Others are so common that they need a little help, like Will Smith or Michael Jackson. And there’s those that need some dubious distinction like the latest porn starlet to win Gagger of the Year at the AVN Awards or your common everymen that write on websites like this. But amidst all scandals and chicanery, there are some names, like Cool ‘Disco’ Dan in Washington DC, that choose to simply hit you in the face, or in his case, everywhere you turn.

Cool ‘Disco’ Dan is unique because he doesn’t yearn for dubious distinctions or professional gain for you to know who he is. He doesn’t even want you to know him. And he does this by mastering an anonymous art form. Countless numbers of people in every major urban bloc yearn to dominate, writing it everywhere. The greatest thing about this is he doesn’t care to gain anything material and yet loses nothing spiritual in perfecting his trade. He probably could care less if you even cared to watch his story, but being the obnoxious man I am, I hope you do check it out. Leave the crack rock, take the sharpie pen; gaggers need not apply.

He’s Cool. He’s ‘Disco’
And he could care less about
What anyone thinks


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