Making Creepy Uncles For 30 Years

Thomas Kuebler Silicone Sculpture

Death by Party |  Thomas Kuebler: Cause Our staff is lacking in genetic stock

Photo realistic sculpture is some terrifying shit. No artist should be allowed to trap souls of decent people into inanimate objects just to trip people out at art parties. That being said, I have some pretty mixed feelings about Thomas Kuebler. I look at these poor beautiful souls crying behind that silicone and I can hear them crying. It almost makes me want to write a letter to god.

To make matters worse because the wheel chair bound mad scientist sculpture entitled Dr. Nighty Night looks exactly like my deceased Uncle Frank. Like so much like Uncle Steve that I fear he may be a victim of Thomas Kuebler’s art magic.

And this just puts me that much more into conflict. Uncle Frank was a vile, evil man, but he knew how to use his tongue better than anyone in the family, and I will always miss our camping trips to Trenton.

Good luck to you Thomas Kuebler, I hope you are talented with your tongue too.

-Felicia Jackson

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