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Low and Slow on Cinco De MayoLow and Slow on Cinco De Mayo

Death by Party | Low And Slow On Cinco De Mayo

I was supposed to write a post for Cinco De Mayo. The day the Mexican’s defeated the British at Valley Forge. I was supposed to write about Low Riders as an amazing and awesome and cool whatever art form in the Mexican American culture and I forgot. I went to a Cinco De May o party and I drank three pitchers of mararitas and four shots of tequila. Yes I forgot. Then I get a message from the boss yelling at me for forgetting my post and abandoning Swellco.

But I didn’t. I came back home to finish it even thought I threw up in the parking lot of the bar and threw up in in my neighbors plants and I threw up in my roommates shoes and don’t tell him cause he’ll be pissed.

So anyway happy awesome Mexican Day, I love lowriders and am going to throw up more tequila and tacos now love you all k bye.

Dear Dark Lord, please don’t hate.

By Robert Bron

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