Gothenburg Is The Devil And Miike Snow Is It’s Hell

Death by Party | Miike Snow And the Swedish Menace

Let me tell you something. I know a thing or two about Sweden and the denizens  of this vile country. Sweden is the country of lies, a country of the devil and his foul agents. Back in the 1970’s  a roving tribe of barbarians who were seeking to escape slavery in the Roman Empire made a deal with Jesus’ evil twin for protection.

These savages  agreed that if  they sacrificed their pigment and the sense of humor in each of their first born, they would all be smoking hot for eternity and and be a people of impecible fashion sense.

I know, I’ve been to this dark cold land, I’ve seen Miike Snow live and I’ve shopped at Ikea.  I’ve seen the beauty and horror first hand with my own eyes and I will stand tall and fight the Swedes at every turn…

– Jimi Jam

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