Pretty Doggy, Pretty Pricey

Givenchy Antigona ‘Rottweiler’ Tote Bag & Ipad Case

Death by Party | Givenchy Antigona ‘Rottweiler’ Tote Bag & Ipad Case

Do you love vicious attack dogs? Sure you do, we all do. Vicious attack dogs are sexy, stylish, fashionable and vicious when they attack you. This lovable little critter was going for $500+ on tee shirts last year. Thats a great dog! Now they’re releasing sneak peak pics of these trippy 3Dish (or an illusion of 3dish)  Ipad & totbag picks. I can’t find them actually for sale anywhere so they are either not released, or they’re a blogging PR stunt. Wouldn’t be the first.

Sniff around, maybe you’ll have better luck than me finding them.

-Felicia Jackson

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