Speakeasies SHOULD Be Kept Secret

The Champagne Riot

Death by Party | Blind Tiger Burlesque: Cause Burlesque Is The Art Of Revealing Secrets, Isn’t It?  (wink, kiss)

Well hell yeah I like bathtub gin & speakeasies!  I’ve been making it & drinking it & frequenting ’em & seeing stars my whole darn life!

When I was a boy, growing up deep in the forest, my daddy used to make gin & sell it to the local gangsters & such & they’d show up to our house in their fancy cars & slicked back hair.  They’d always be real nice to my daddy.  Probably because he always gave them premium spirits.

Well one day, one of these gangsters brought a lady with him.  I will never forget how pretty she was.  Her hair was short, her eyelashes were long & her stockings were sheer.  I never knew a woman could smell like a field of wildflowers or be so fancy.

She looked me in the eye, “How old are you, boy?”

“I’m 13,” I lied.

“Well, when you grow up to become a man, look me up.  I’m a burlesque performer.  Do you know what that means?”

“No, ma’am,” I told the truth, hoping she’d teach me all the secrets in the world.

“Burlesque is the art of making men always want more,” she started to unbutton her overcoat, tipping her hat to the side so I could only see the corner of her bright red lips.  “It’s the most fun a beautiful, uninhibited woman can have,” she said, slipping her shoulder free of her silk slip dress, pearl necklace slid inside.

“Woman, you stay away from my son, he will find the joys of a speakeasy performance soon enough!” Daddy called from the still.

“All right, all right, I was just having some fun teasing the guy,” the lady said, pulling herself back together.

She looked back before getting into the car, “I’ll see ya soon, OK, sweetheart,” & flashed a glimpse of a garter belt.

I never got over my desire for women who know the art of the tease dance.  They know how to keep a man wanting more their whole life over.  The entertainers featured in The Champagne Riot have been my burlesque defibrillator, pumping my heart wide awake.

Now, I won’t be dressing in my finest dandy get up (really my daddy’s old seersucker suit kept in pristine condition) & traveling to New York City to see The Champagne Riot Presents:  Blind Tiger, a night of burlesque & speakeasy tomfoolery, tonight because I rarely leave my cabin, but ladies & music & forbidden gin sure as heck live in my memory & dance in my imagination & in every beat of this old man’s heart.

-Annette Garcia

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