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Zac-Pac’s S”K”UM-kun Suicidal Tendencies Figure

Death by Party | Zac-Pac’s S”K”UM-kun Suicidal Tendencies Figure

Here is Japanese toy maker Zapac’s amazingly Rat Fink-esk mascot S”K”UM-krun dressed up as an ode to the classic West Coast 80’s hardcore skate punk band, Suicidal Tendencies.  They already released the “pure evil” version a while back, and this is the “institutionalized” version. I guess it’s the pink hair that makes it “institutionalized.” I don’t know.

I will never forget the first time I heard Suicidal Tendencies. I was twelve years old and at my buddy Jeff’s house. Jeff was the kid with the cool dad that everyone was jealous of. Jeff’s dad was an old skater dude that had all of his old decks framed and hanging on a wall alongside finely matted hardcore posters from back in the day. Over the next five years, Jeff’s dad got me into skating and turned me on to all the classics. He was a major influence, my old man listened to Hall & Oats.

But I think there is some irony and oddity that it was a friends parent that first played me the flawless, timeless anthem to suburban adolescent angry white kid bordeom and alienation from their parents. What ever. I would try and scramble to buy one of these limited edition S”K”UM-kruns, but fuck it, I’ll probably just get hit by a bus anyway…

-Kevin Dalton

Be sure to check out their mas macho website, there are many treasures on it.

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