Fucking Icon Of Fucking

“God Bless Sasha Grey” Tee Shirt by Darthroxanne

Death by PartyStill More Shit You Can’t Buy On The Internet – “God Bless Sasha Grey” Tee Shirt

As we always say around here, porn stars are America’s secret celebrities. Everyone knows who they are, no one admits to it at the dinner party. If that is so, then Sasha Grey is the reigning queen. She is well past icon status and so charismatic that she is almost acknowledged by the “real” world.

You can only imagine how happy I was when I came across this amazing unauthorized Sasha Grey shirt that seems to be all over the web these days. But alas, like so many amazing finds, it isn’t actually available for sale. But unlike so many other “shit you can’t buy” posts, it looks like there was an etsy shop selling them at one point by someone named “Darthroxanne.” Maybe Sasha’s peoples went after her for copy right infringement. Oh well. our loss.

-Miss Molly

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3 Responses to “Fucking Icon Of Fucking”

  1. Tara says:


    Maybe these people will get more in?

  2. stephano says:

    please let me know when you get a new batch of this t-shirt!

  3. Bo says:

    Can I get into trouble if I make this shirt myself? (At a T-shirt printing store) Thanks!

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