Roll The Camera Larpcockdethbock! – A Popo Bonhuelo Editorial

aww hell naw!

Death by Party | There’s nothing serious about a man without need of a goatee!

what the fuck.

I remember when hell was a character in a movie. The 70’s alone was like a vaginal canal lined with tits and sick music greased up with popcorn butter, poop-shootin’ your ass straight to fancy hell. Stars were born at that time, that’s why Rob Zombie movies are so full of recognizably old fuckers. Shazbot!

Nowadays, everything is so “easy-in-easy-out”, like boring girlfriends…and fucking marriage…GA-ROOOOOOSE! What about a movie that’s about a candy that’s made by satan and given to kids by their school doctors (who are really demons in white jackets)? Or the devil riding a mini-monster truck through north Philly ghettos, beating the guys riding tiny motorcycles and turning them into fire-flavored jerky his minions sell at Phillies games? I’m not interested in “the devil-as-an-old-lady in an elevator”, or “a pretty girl who hasn’t fucked up ever being taken to hell”, not one bit. We need accountability and real life gone totally ball-crunched! We need people walking down the street pissing devil babies out with streams of lava, and satanic skyscrapers fucking up the water in our sewers. We need total destruction and mayhem, all set to some Mjod Kvellertak mixed with Warren Zevon!

You tell me! Actually, DON’T, ILL TELL YOU!

-Popo Bonhuelo

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