The Peelander Z Brooklyn Taco Truck

Death by PartyOh Peelander Z, If only it was true

So as always seems to be the case, I open up my writing assignment and it is confusing and or possibly wrong.  It says go see Peelander Z. Write about Tacos. Peelander Z played LAST night, unless they want me to hop a bus and go see them play down in Philadelphia. I seriously hope that isn’t the case, because I don’t really like going farther west than the Hudson. Do you know what kind of savages live out there in the rest of “the world?”

There isn’t any band playing named “Tacos” and there isn’t any taco related event going on listed anywhere on the site.  I’m at at total loss as to what this means.

My only assumption is that Peelander Z has some sort of taco fetish. It wouldn’t surprise me. The Japanese action hero punk band doesn’t fuck around when it comes to spicy foods and they have endorsed a line of mucho caliente hot sauces and a delicious instant curry in a cup in the past. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any  references to Peelander Z and tacos, so I will just have to make up something about them and tacos, the way I just did about the other spicy food endorsements.

Apparently Peelander Z is on a tour of at least two cities that I am aware of in order to promote and launch their new taco truck is going to be called El Peelanderia Zapatos. They will be featuring Wasabi braised pork tacos, yakisoba, Donburi and of course Churros.

Unfortunately, since this is not true I can’t show you a picture of the El Peelanderia Zapatos truck, but as soon as we find one, I’ll put it up.

-Jimi Jam


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