Just Spotted The Lizard

OPI’s Spiderman Collection Kills ItOPI’s Spiderman Collection Kills It

Death by PartyOPI’s Spiderman Collection Kills It

I have two dreams in my life: to own a muscle car & be a superhero. Because it is unlikely that radiation will ever expand my natural abilities & allow me the privilege to slide into a spandex, life saving, pulse ripping catsuit, my superhero self is reliant on cruising in a muscle machine, top down, guns blasting. But since I have no mortal enemies or scores to settle, I’m just gonna stay home & paint my nails. “Just Spotted The Lizard” nail polish from OPI’s Amazing Spiderman collection is the duochrome of my adventure dreams, the signature color for the stay at home hero. & the color of the Challenger I’m building in my basement.

-Tomata Fortunata

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