Mr. Joe Black Has Plenty On His Cheese Plate

Mr. Joe Black pixel point prints

Death by PartyThe Button Art Of Joe Black

Photo Realistic paintings. Both super gay and kinda epic at the exact same time. You look at them and say “wow, that looks just like a fucking photo.”

Then you get up close and realize that it’s because the painter painstakingly painted each individual pixel in order to create this huge realistic photo like painting.  You say “Wow that’s amazing.”

Then you look at 10 of them and realize they look so much like painting that you are forced to say. “Nice gimmick. Why didn’t he just take a photo?”

Then you realize everyone swarmed the free cheese and the wine is shit and you say. “This is boring, lets go to the bar.”

Now when you first walk into a gallery showing off  Mr. Joe Black you might be ready for this horrific chain of realizations to occur. But then you realize that Mr. Joe Black has taken it to the next level. His photo realistic paintings are actually composed of thousands of painted & stacked Legos, army men and buttons that are each individually produced with unique images that represents the main subject. This is some seriously rock n’ roll shit her. Gimmick boredom averted by further gimmick. Mr. Joe Black is also known for having very large cheese plates at his openings so he’s got that going on too.

By Robert Brown

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