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FrankXstein Vs FleshXman

Death by Party | Vintage Smut Comics– FrankXstein Vs FlashXman

I was perusing the Death by Party vintage smut & exploitation art archive and general all around philanthropy project Blonde Zombie. I realized that we haven’t had a European 60’s/70’s porn pulp cover art brawl since the Bruce Seex Vs Magnum Sex post months back.

So today, courtesy of Blonde Zombie, we present you two magnificent, truly epic Spanish Titles FleshXman and FrankXstein. FleshXman appears to be a pervy Flash Gordon who gets all the ladies and FrankenXstein. A pervy bald Frankensteins monster with a serious libido. I THINK that’s what these are about, the info on them is sparse and in Spanish or Dutch or something non American. I mean, they could be about the bible or economics something non-porn related. Book covers can be so deceiving.

I don’t think the perverts of the time really knew how lucky they had it. The Nazi’s had just been nuked, Kennedy had freed the slaves, we put men on moon and people had to PAY for smut which was always artsy and Instagram looking. It was a more enlightened time, yet barbaric and simple….

-Felicia Jackson

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