What’s Next? Luftwaffe Skate Decks?

Supreme Vans Authentic Campbells Soup Sample

Death by Party | The Campbell’s Supreme Vans Vs. The Inventor Of Soup 

We are living in a world where all of our most sacred institutions are up for grabs and ready to be sold to the highest bidder and the lowest common denominator. First it was the American Eagle, then it was guns and now it’s shoes.

I’m normally a fan of the uber dope, big balled, working mans label Supreme. But they may have crossed a line and  with these amazing Campbells Soup Shoes. Do they really want to have their near perfect brand associated with the controversial canned goods company and the infamous inventor of soup, Andy “Dick” Warhol? I’m bracing for the backlash as this these shoes make their way through the blogosphere.

Andy Warhol invented soup back in the 1960’s in an attempt to sell art and the result was a massive corporation of canned junk sauce that is directly responsible for obesity which has buillt dozens of Chinese sweat shop factories. Warhol is also suspected of killing several prostitutes through vampirism and was one of the biggest proponents of the Vietnam war. What’s next? Luftwaffe Skate decks?

While I’m totally buying a pair of these if I can get my hands on them, I’m just saying, you have to stop and think…

-Maryanne Faithless

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