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Boom Art Pin Up Girl Skate DecksBoom Art Pin Up Girl Skate Decks

Death by PartyBoom -Art Pin Up Girl Skate Decks

It seems like we’ve been on a quest for a naked girl skate deck that exists as more than just a web pr stunt for quite some time now. I feel like it’s a valid quest to be on. Sadly, where the epic Swedish failed, the French succeeded.

The French design company Boom-Art rolled out these sick decks designed by illustrator Alain Aslan. They aren’t a 5 in existence limited edition or a one off just fake candy for the blogosphere. These babies can be purchased by any pervert baller who has a mere 98 Euros to spare. Getting a perfect ass on a perfect deck like the “Brigitte” deck shown above is worth every penny. (about $45,00.00 in American money)

I know, I know what you are thinking. They are French, therefore un-American. True, the French King went to war against Freedom Fries and battled for Sadam Hussien. True they sided with terror back when Bush was trying to rid their country of death camps. True they mislead you by looking really hot, and then smelling really bad when you get their pants off, but we as Americans are above all of that. 2001 was a generation ago and we should put our differences behind us in the name of dope naked girl skate decks.

God bless America and God bless Boom-Art.

– Jimi Jam

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