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Truckfighters deserve my birthday

Truckfighters: They’re gonna take us on one heck of a ride!

I don’t give to charity.  I will not even give you my time to talk about saving whatever the non profit du jour is.  I keep mine.

But this year, I will not be needing my birthday, so, instead of letting it collect dust, I will give it to Truckfighters, who are stopping in Philly at the end of a brutally metal US tour to play at The Station (1550 McKean St., 19145) on Friday, March 16.

To what does Truckfighters owe the honor of claiming rights to my 3/16?  The answer is simple; they have inspired fuzz-loving performers all around the world!  Watch the docu/fuzzomentary that proclaims, through the mouthpieces of respectable musicians (Witchcraft, Graveyard & Valient Thor) that Truckfighters is the best band ever, a guiding light for all that is metal, & tell me you don’t want to give them something of value.

But, will you please still buy me a birthday beer?

-Tomata Fortunata

Find out more information about the Philly show, including the dope opening lineup featuring Skeleton Hands, The Company Corvette & The Midnight Ghost Train!

!Buy the Truckfighters movie!

Watch the trailer:

Hear the songs!

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