I Can’t Escape Dog Shit, But I Can Hide It

Bape Tigerleaf Camo Type 1 Sneaker

Death by Party | Tigerleaf Camo Sneak By Bape

For years, I haven’t  been able to wear white, or even light colored kicks. The reason? I always step in shit. I mean that literally, if there is a piece of dog shit within a fifty foot radius of where I’m standing, it will mysteriously and silently move in front of me. Yes, I consistently and chronically step in shit. I don’t mean, “yuck I’ve got to scrape this in the grass real fast” I’m talking “I think there is a demon Mastiff following me from the front, leaving huge shits for me to submerge my feet into.

These Bape Tigerleaf camos may just be camoed enough to hide the perpetual shit stains that plague my life.

Thanks Bape!

-Baron von Crumpstink

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