Warning: When You Wish Upon A Star Anything You Wish Will Come To You

Thomas Czarnecki: Careful What You Wish For

Death by Party | Thomas Czarnecki’s Real Life Disney Fairy Tale Ending Photo Series

The only thing that is real in this world is pain & the only guarantee is death.  It’s a hard fact, but dangit, it’s a fact.

Kids these days believe in fairy tales, that they can improve their lot by letting their little hearts reach out to a flippen star & make a wish.  That’s just ridiculous.  Get off your little begger knees & get a job.

Princesses have their own problems too – mainly that they’re human & are without a doubt just as rapey & killable as you. Swellco has proven that in the past.

There is no way to escape the circle of life:  you’re born, every day you will dread facing the next obstacle, all the people you know will struggle & die & eventually you will be alone & no one will remember how great you looked at that special, life changing event anyway.

So I say keep on wishing, but mix those wishes with some white lighting & they might make it to those stars.

– Old Tarpie

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