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Death by Party | Stinking Lizaveta

Last night I was listening to Stinking Lizaveta and it reminded me of an old saying my mother used to love. “There’s just something about cake that makes me shit.” Indeed, lately there is a lot of shit about cake. Just look at TV programming these days: Cake-making is everywhere. There’s Goldman’s show, of course, plus “Cake Boss” and “Ultimate Cake Off,” both on TLC, and Amazing Wedding Cakes on WE tv. Plus, Food Network Challenge often features cake designers.

These shows are reality TV but without all of the backbiting and ugliness. “Positive is the new black in terms of reality TV,” says Margaret Braun, sugar artist, author of Cakewalk and one of the judges on “Ultimate Cake Off.” “We need to see more people being smart and creative and industrious on TV. And what’s not to like? It’s cake!”

Alright. I admit it. I’m high at work and eating chocolate cake at my desk again. They’ve been bringing in a lot of cake. I’m cool with that. Mainly because I’m high again. I also stole that shit about the Ultimate Cake Off from another site so I could just get this over  with. We do that a lot around here.

-Marcus Aubrey

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