Promise I Won’t Melt Them

More Shit You Can’t Buy: Steve Nishimoto’s Skate Soldiers

Death by Party | Steve Nishimoto’s Skate Soldiers

So I know Steven Nishimoto’s “Skate Soldiers” have been floating around for a while, but it would seem that they really haven’t. I’ve been pining to own these sick little bitches for over a year and it would seem that they are yet another example of viral one offs. I’m half convinced that they are actually photoshopped, because these three pictures are the only pics of these green little guys anywhere on the web. Nishimoto hasn’t responded for comment.

The first army men that I wouldn’t feel compelled to melt down with a magnifying glass. Well, I would feel compelled, but I wouldn’t actually do it.

– Jimi Jam

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