A Rebuttal Against Bad Cosplay

We love hot chick cosplay

Death by Party | I’m not bad. I’m just drawn that way

Last week, our illustrious leader, R.E. Brown wrote a post featuring a photo set of gross creeper cosplay pics. In the post he defended the nerds right to leave the house with the word FAIL stamped on their heads. The argument was that nerds are more imaginative, and live in fantasy worlds, thus need to be praised for having the balls to look like tools.

While I agree with some of the things he said, I take issue with some of it. Basically the post implied that if you are attractive, you can’t be into horror conventions or sci-fi or comic books. Just because someone is attractive, doesn’t mean you are uninteresting as Brown implied. Yes some of the hot girl cosplay photos you find floating around are of models trying to appeal to the nerd, but guess what, hot chicks go to conventions too. As evidence of this and in retort to Mr. Brown, I am presenting a photo set from cosplay-girls.tumblr.com and I am including a photo of myself bellow. There are plenty of us beautiful, legitimate nerds floating around out there.

Plus these pics are far more pleasurable to look at than Mr. Browns.

By Beth Fox Brown

Even if you don’t agree, you’ll probably check out this site anyway.

Photos courtesy of http://cosplay-girls.tumblr.com

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  1. 2kim7 says:

    Agreed. Hot girls in spandex- yes. Fatties- no.

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