Comforting Even When Your Junk Is Dripping Oil And Sweat

Mishka Oversized Death Adders New Era Cap in Navy

Death by Party | Ode To My Mishka Cap

Do you ever have a possession that you have an overwhelming sentimental attachment too? That beloved one hitter, the nylons you used to bind your first victim, that petrified rat you found in the storm drain… I’m talking the possessions that make you whole, the little things that make you feel good when the night terrors are eating at your soul late at night…

Well that was my Mishka Cap. My dope Death Adder New Era Cap that I left in a cap last night. I got that cap the same day I did naked hot oil body squats with grandpa for the first time. Now it’s gone.

When I wore it, I never felt naked, exposed or uncomfortable, even when my junk was dripping oil and sweat. That hat meant that much to me, that hat was my everything….

-Uncle Wheat Toast

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