I Picture Him Drinking 40s, Eating Sausage

This is not Hakkaru Akuma Munny by ELCHAKAL666

Death by Party | Hakkaru Akuma Munny Shot

This is not Hakkaru Akuma Munny by ELCHAKAL666

So I was slinking around the Kid Robot Discussion Board the other day and stumbled across this super dope custom dunny by the mysterious ELCHAKAL666 AKA Avatar666 AKA Chakal Tois AKA Spunky Davis. This set is extra sick because it shows the process photos from when he first started the custom, to when he finished it.

I fucking dig Samurais’. I feel like they harken back to a more romantic period, when they roamed the streets of Staten Island drinking 40s, eating sausage and getting into adventures with their sharp battle sticks. The advent of machine guns and the rise of the Nazis put an end to the age of the Samurai, but I really feel like they live on in our imaginations. I picture this bad ass red armored killing machine chilling out in his wooden sandals and drinking tea while Lotus Blossom Demons prepare for battle outside the saloon. The prize for the victor? So many hoes.

Check out more of Chakal Tois’ INSANE master work on his Facebook page.

-Uncle Wheat Toast

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