The Gospel According To Slayer

Death by Party |  Thank Satan it’s Sunday!

It’s officially Sunday!

A day of sunshine & glorious pleasure, funday booze chasing, afternoon delights & luxuriating over personal, intense invigoration.

Why not go to church?


Silly S&S reader!  Church is a metaphor for any place you feel comfortable enough to commune with that little voice inside you, the ‘you’ that communes with the crypts of your own personal eternity.  Mosh pits are not just for shows, they are the outward manifestation of your life’s intensely real perversions of pain.

Everyone south of heaven is capable of emotion & today is the day to let it loose.  Dearest skeletons of society, do not think about the words to confess or how to best enact your contrition, just let it out & be your own aggressive perfector.

Turn up the music (metal or gospel), put on your Sunday best (black t-shirt or derby) & pray that the good lord (you get it) blesses your feet & fists with the power to punch your way through another week on this wondrous Earth.

Once again, music proves to be the great equalizer.

-Miss Molly

For your penance, watch this video again.


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