Obits… And The Way To Fist Eggs

Death by Party | So its like this…wait…what was I saying?…OH YEAH!

Somewhere, far off, I can hear the distant call of a good punk band. Unfortunately, Im full to the tits of deviled eggs. What I mean to say is: eggs…I mean the Obits were bitchin’.


So, with the extreme love in my heart for both Johnny Brenda’s AND Barcade swiped aside, last Thursday (March 15th, 2012) was a night of revelation. Ill be quick, simple, and to the point. The Obits played, if you don’t know who they are, then I don’t know who you are. The point is, they played…and were quite the wicked awesome. It was like watching a pot of soup boil over, and you lay down below it to catch the tasty soup with your mouth (did I mention you are a mythical beast that can do with with not pain, but pure pleasure? Well you would be). The openers consisted of one band I didn’t see (see below for explanation marked ñ) and Fists. Fists had some stage presence. So much that I repeatedly yelled “Pre-ZONCE!”. Its true. That and they seemed swedish. They were like the Ikea of bands: If you don’t like one of their couches, they have six-hundred others to ass up (couches are songs). And with that I leave you.

(ñ) I didn’t see the first band, because I was filling my face with Barcade’s delicious Devil-fuck EGGS! I love that shit! I was able to fart on every classic arcade game they had. I can breathe fucking FIRE, MOTHERFUCKER!

-Nave Zepol

— That, and check out BAND OF SKULLS this friday at UNION TRANSFER! Look forward to the review cocksuckers!


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