Custom Toy Union’s Star Wars Vs. Dunny

Custom Toy Union’s Star Wars Vs. Dunny

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When I was 17, I was working my first job at a donut shop, I fucking hated it. I had to be their by 6 am to start my shift, and I stank of donuts all the time. (Yeah they smell good, but not after weeks and weeks) My parents had made me a deal, keep the job all summer and I could go stay with some friends in Amsterdam when I graduated. My bro, Jack came to me with good news. He had scored VIP midnight movie passes to see Attack of the Clones at a movie theatre over in Jersey. He wanted me to stay the night at his parents and then we would sneak out, drive over the bridge and be the very first privileged people to be ushered in like movie stars to see this sci fi extravaganza. I wasn’t as big of a fan boy as Jack, but he made it sound so sickening I had to say yes.

What Jack didn’t realize was that over a thousand people were as VIP as us. We got there and the lines were wrapped around the building. Every screen was showing it and there were so many people that they had to DOUBLE screen movie. We didn’t start watching the movie until 2:30 in the morning. As I sat watching that horrible, horrible film, all I could think was “I hate you George Lucas.”  I didn’t get back until 5am. I thought I could close my eyes  for just a minute to rest and BANG. No call no show. Fired. No Amsterdam. I should have been mad at myself, I should have been mad at Jack or my parents, but instead I was pissed at Star Wars and to this day, I still kinda am.

Now you may wonder how these sick Custom Toy Union Star Wars Dunny Series have to do with that story. Not a god damn thing. They are super fucking dope. Just not as dope as Amsterdam.

-Kevin Dalton

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