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The Bomb Pop Tee By Rook

Death by Party | The Bomb Pop Tee By Rook

When I saw this Bomb Pop tee by Rook, it brought back found memories of the many popsicles I’ve sucked; and compelled me to share my favorite popsicle recipe.

4 cups watermelon, seeds removed, cubed
Paper cups
Popsicle sticks (available at craft stores)

Place the watermelon in blender and puree. Pour into the paper cups, insert sticks and freeze until hardened. (You can use small Dixie cups or paper cups that are a little larger.)

When you are first learning how to consume an ice cream cone or popsicle, you need to concentrate on the tip more than any other. The great thing about focusing mostly on licking the tip of the popsicle is that you don’t have to worry about taking it deep into your mouth or throat, so you don’t have to worry too much about coughing, choking or gagging or brain freeze.

-Maryanne Faithless

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