Erection Art

Ashley Hope crime scene painting series
Death by Party | Ashley Hope’s Crime Scene Paintings

You know what I like? Art. Because art gives me a boner. I know, I know, there is the ever constant debate between “art” and porn and beauty and smut and emotion and fucking and romance and stalking and kinky and murder… I leave that for the big brain intellectuals who like to use fancy words like “ascetics” and “metaphor” and “restraining order.” I’ve got no time for such exhausting thoughts.

I’m one of those Popeye  art fans. I know what I likes and I likes what I know. And I know that if it gives me a boner, well that means I’m feeling something. When I finish fapping, I feel touched by art.

All this being said, Ashley Hope gives me hope that there will be a lot more boner like this being produced in the future.

-Uncle Wheat Toast


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