What’s Wrong With My Balls?

Alien Bio Mecha Kong

Death by Party | Alien Bio Mecha Kong Custom Toy By Cyberphunkk

So, someone emailed us these photos of this uber dope psychedelic cyber ape custom toy. My suspicion is that is that it was by the creator, or by some crazed demon who wants to fuck with my mind. I could have written back and asked, but I know better than that. See, there are people out there and they know things and they do things. I don’t fuck around with that, especially when it comes to robotic purple apes.

I do believe it belongs to an outfit called Cyberphunkk, I deduced this because the photos all say… Cyberphunkk. But enough of this mystery, I am more concerned with another mystery that Alien Bio Mecha Kong reminds me of. The mystery of my psychedelic balls. See, about four years ago, I at some mushrooms.* I know, I know kids, stay in school, don’t do drugs. But what’s done is done. So I’m tripping my face off and I have to take a leak. While I’m pissing, I look down at my junk and it’s doing ALL KINDS a crazy shit. My ball sack in particular became extremely fascinating to me. It kept changing color and patterns were swirling  around. I bring this up because Alien Bio Mech Kong looks ALOT like my junk on mushrooms. The next day I could hardly walk because I had played with my ball sack for three hours and my shit was bruised.

True story.

Anyway enjoy the power of Alien Bio Mecha Kong/my ball sack.

-Marcus Aubrey

*Death by Party does not endorse or condone the use of illegal drug use and all references are purely fictional for entertainment purposes.

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