Fucking Unicorns Are The Devil

Unicorn Inverted Cross Tee By Kill Star

Death by Party | Unicorn Inverted Cross Tee By Kill Star

You know what I hate? Fucking unicorns. You know why I hate them? A unicorn spit on me once when I was five. That’s right. Spit on by a unicorn. Not a llama, not a camel, not a crack head, but a fucking unicorn. My parents took me to a petting zoo and I ran up to this beautiful, regal unicorn with my sloppy dripping soft serve in hand and the fucking unicorn just looked over at me, sneered, then spit right in my face. So, you know, you might be into this shirt, maybe you are because unicorns are evil. If so, fuck you and your evil spitting unicorn.

Just sayin’…

-Felicia Jackson

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